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Kardashian Corset Trainer Without Shoulder Hanger


The gym waist trainer by Angel Curves tightens, tones and flattens your stomach. Ideal for working out in, and for shorter torsos. It creates compression in your core to stimulate thermal activity, burning more calories. The gym waist trainer is the most comfortable waist shaper offered.


Do you have increased fat in the abdomen and Atralat ???‏
‏Show sculpt your body and surprise everyone waist and belly decrees Indicators Celebrity !!!!
‏Here’s the only solution with confidence ……

‏Kim corset Kardashian famous Colombian thermal (ANN CHERRY) to sculpt the waist and give the body a beautiful appearance like celebrities.

‏Available Kim with shoulder belts
‏Kim is available without bras
‏The famous corset sculpts the abdomen and waist are particularly highlights the ass ..

‏Abdomen tightens dramatically and coordinates the textures and the back .. characterized by the presence of skewers, elastic sides and rear.

‏Excellent quality brace ore powerful athlete thermal corset works on burning grease ..
‏worn under normal clothing if you want

‏Corset daily be inside the Cotton and his righteousness for Tex (Rubber) Black or in it (vest)
‏Anbus every day Aalaql 8 hours Bs first week Bs Anbus two hours per day your body by Lin Maitaud
‏Thermal brace fit for people to Arouhon gym more Anbus without sport Aalaql 8 hours per day with sport Anbus Average Any time
‏¥ a custom corset for slimming and eliminating the emergence of the abdomen and burning surrounding abdominal fat
‏¥ helps to tighten the abdominal muscles.
‏¥ use daily at home and at the gym
‏¥ thermal corset helps to strengthen the body’s thermal activity
‏¥ brace favorite of celebrities.
‏¥ pain reliever back
‏¥ can be expanded and narrowed clips come in three grades

‏Sizes: by waist size:
‏Or by you weight and height

‏Note: Wash manually ..

‏Measurements available from the Small to X 6 X-Large

‏Please be sure to edit the measured good

‏Kim without cradles

‏For the adoption of the request send size and name mobile number and address
‏To connect whatsapp 00971568203734

‏Greetings sister Umm Zayedه

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