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Nawaem Cream For Whitening


Made with efficiency to treat all skin problems and cream treatment is more than whitening cream only


Nawaem Natural Cream for whitening

It is made with precision to treat all skin problems and not just whitening


  1. It removes the old spots, freckles.
  2. It brightens the skin from the first week.
  3. It removes the black halos.
  4. It strengthens the skin and removes the darkness below the eyes.
  5. It removes the old burns and injuries.
  6. It helps in whitening the sensitive areas along with elbows and knees.
  7. It removes the black spots from the nose
  8. It brightens the hands and any other skin area.
  9. It’s suitable for pregnant women.
  10. It removes the wrinkles and the lines
  11. 99% conquer that its useful and effective
  12. The results will be delivered from the first week for most types of skin
  13. The cream has been used for the past 3 years with success

How to use:

After washing the face , pour little and gently apply it on the part of the skin that you want and apply it well.

Use it only once daily

Apply it before sleep and wash it in the morning.

It can be used in the morning as long as you will not be exposed to the sun.

The pack is sufficient for 2 months.

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